Relapse or just over done things?

Hi All,

Its been a while since I’ve been here. I had been feeling better and am back at work fulltime. I’ve not had a good week I stayed up late last Sunday trying to complete an essay for Uni at 02.30 I gave up as my body was telling me I was too tired. I went into work Monday and negotiated with my boss taking some annual leave to finish the essay. I submitted it though am concerned it might not pass. Ever since my Fatigue has been awful despite resting and sleeping. My neck and shoulders are painful (a symptom I get when fatigued. I also have pain in my lower back and intermittent Sciatica of my left leg since tues.

Today I went to church but stayed sitting the whole service my neck, shoulders and back were sore and heavy. I was going to go to work but cancelled as I didn’t feel up to it. Ironed three tshirts after a sleep but had to sit down as came over a bit dizzy. How do people know if they are relapsing or not? I have still not learnt.

Snowqueen x

I couldn’t comment as to relapses except to say it’s different for everyone. You could simply be run down due to the extra workload of completing your essay, sometimes we run on autopilot to get things done then when it’s finished almost collapse till recovered, it’s must be very stressful to have a limited time to meet a deadline.

Sorry I can’t offer anything constructive, I just wanted to show support.

Beat wishes

Jan x

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I think there’s a good chance that you have just overdone things - I hope so. We have all changed up to a higher gear to finish the essay/clean the kitchen/stay at the party or whatever - only to find that we don’t really have the revs for that any more!

Those sort of energy blips are very common. I hope that it will just be a matter of recovering your strength with a bit of rest.


Hi Snowqueen you have probably just over done it. I am glad you have been feeling better. You had treatment didn’t you? Has your dropped foot improved with the treatment?

moyna x

Snowqueen - are you getting support from your Uni - re possible extra time with handing essays in etc.

Can’t say if you’re having a relapse - sounds as if you’re knack’d which wont help things. Try to get some rest and only focus on the things you have to do.

Hi all, I’m posting with new symptoms… I’m fatigued out ATM and my sensory pain in my legs are worse with stiffness in my hands. GP says it’s my Ms!!! I phoned my Ms Nurse team and spoke to one of the nurses that I haven’t had dealings with but she wasn’t helpful, she asked me loads of questions and then said the computer was playing up and she will call me back. I’m not a Happy chappy as she hasn’t got back to me and that was Monday…:frowning: am I having a relapse??? Or are my pains worse due to fatigue???

Sounds very frustrating and familiar - I’m sorry you’re stuck not knowing what’s going on. It is taking me a long time to work out how much is ‘too much’, and sometimes I do seem to knock myself out for two or three days just by being very busy for a couple of days (usually when I’m feeling well!). As everyone else has said, relapses are very individual beasts - mine seem to creep up on me over a period of weeks. Maybe go back to the MS nurse rather than wait for them to contact you? You might get someone different to talk to. Good luck xxx

I’ve spoke to the Ms Nurse and had a sample done which was normal ( no infection). I’m feeling shattered throughout my day with more prominent pain and stiffness. Speaking to the nurse Monday so see what’s what then… Thanks Becca x

Hi Moyna, Yes had treatment with Lemtrada but that doesn’t make existing symptoms or damage improve it hopefully prevents future damage and further relapses. Have got foot drop better managed with an AFO so need my stick less often which is good and attend a weekly balance group. Hope things are ok with u? Snowqueen

Hi Krakowian,

Yes my Uni have been amazing have extenuating circumstances which they will give me extensions to any modules. Had already had 2 extensions for that module so really felt I had to just push through. Still learning to manage fatigue, just finished a fatigue management course so hopeful I have ideas to help with the next module. Fingers crossed

Thank you everyone sorry for the slow response was very grateful for all of your support. I am still struggling with the fatigue but not feeling as poorly with it. Maggie sorry to hear your having a rough time hope you get answers on Monday.


Hi everyone,

im have a bad fatigue time at the moment,I call it a relapse with my fatigue as I have little other problems except my balance is slightly off, I’ve been feeling like this for three weeks now, without over doing it.My ms nurse seems to think I’ve picked up a virus as my legs ached really bad every time I get up to do anything, they have stopped aching now but I’m still so worn out, even showering etc is exhausting. I know stress is bad for people with ms and I did have a plumber in for the best part of past two weeks which didn’t help. I’m so glad I no longer work as I don’t know how I’d manage, I also am in my menopause at the moment and have my monthly bleed so feel extra rubbish today with stomach ache too.

Apparently any bug etc can make us and our ms symptoms much worse, maybe Maggie and Becca you could have picked up something up too.

Smokey x

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Hi all, I’m thinking the same smokey regarding virus and ATM having tests to see if anything going on. Thank you for your support all!!!