Relapse or 'just MS'

I have been really struggling with any form of motivation- just can’t seem to do anything. Weird not tired as such but just can’t seem to do anything. I would lie in bed all day but tbh don’t know why!!

Is this the MS ?

I also have foot drop now and can hardly lift my left leg. If I lie on my back cannot get my left leg off the floor,struggle to go upstairs as left leg is soooooooooo heavy can’t lift it up so go up with right and drag left leg up if this makes sense. I can walk ok- well ok but left leg is very heavy so it does get tiring and annoying.

Left arm is a bit same but not near as bad more a weak useless feeling

Thing is these are new symptoms but when mentioned to dr got a sort of dismissive well you have got MS it will affect you.

You think!!!

I am on Amantidine only.

Should I be looking at getting drs to help or what as tbh unsure what if anything can be done but I work and do struggle badly some days


It would definitely warrant a call to your MS nurse. There might be something to help.

I would say that any significant change would require being looked at. Speak to your nurse then see if you can see a different doctor. There is nothing worse than a dismissive or uninterested doctor, it makes you feel like you are a fraud even though you aren’t. Take it further and keep at it until you are happy with what you have been told. After all they are there for your benefit.

Good luck