Relapse help

Hi everyone, I am feeling unwell been in bed most the day,I am very dizzy and have numbness from the waist down.I do have ms I did get numbness from the waist down but it seems to be flaring up.What would you do?As I had a lot of numbness last year down my left side and ended up in hospital for 5 days.Any advise please.

Call your MS nurse or try and get hold of your GP.

Call out of hours GP service (answer machine at your docs should give you number or put you through), or your nurse if you have her mobile number.

I would call your out of hours GP I think if you can’t get hold of your MS Nurse on a weekend. I have a relapse number that I was given to call to speak to someone 24hrs. If you don’t have something like that then I would call 24hr GP number.

I am sure you will be happier once you have spoken with someone today.

Hope you get some help soon.

Shazzie xx