Stuck and seem to be getting worse.

What do you do if you think your having a relapse? Stuck on this one myself for four months? With new problems every few weeks :frowning: Myself I am wore out. But keep working through it. Do I call ms nurse, doctor or consultants secretary? My other half said i was acting really strange last night. Just don’t who to turn to. Damn eyes making it hard to see at moment. :’( BE

Hi BE,

So sorry you’re having such a rough time at present.

It would certainly be worth you speaking to your MS Nurse or Neuro (…no disrespect intended, but most GPs aren’t good with MS - that’s why we lean towards a specialist in times of need).

Phone the MS Nurse or Neuro’s Secretary soon as poss!!



You sound really down. So sorry you are feeling like this. You must contact a professional. Ring your MS Nurse or Consultant’s secretary. It will hopefully make you feel better just to talk to them.

Take care and hope you get some help.

Shazzie xx


It does sound like you could do with some help there. I would definitley try and speak with MS nurse and if you don’t get any help for him/her you should speak with Neuro’s secretary, perhaps a dose of steroids are in order.

Take care

Wendy x

I’d always phone my ms nurse or phone my neuro’s secretary. GP letters take forever. I hope you get sorted swiftly Take care Sara x

Hi BE,

You really do need to contact MS nurse and explain the situation, I don’t go to GP with my MS except for sick notes for work, my nurse is always my first call point…She’s the expert afterall

Keep us posted


Thanks everyone. Will call today. BE