Relapse. Argh!!!!

Hi there, Just wanting to know if there is anyone else in a similar situation? I had a heavy cold 3 weeks ago and when it went I gotingling down my left side and extreme fatigue ( sorry for sny typos). I took high dos streriods for 5 days and dont feel any better. MS nurse says it will take time?! I have an 8 year old son and it is really getting me down :frowning:


Steroids don’t always work, but they do stay in your system for several weeks, so there is still time.

What does work is time itself.

Do try and rest and keep hopeful - things might start to get better very soon.

The MS Trust do some really good booklets about MS for kids that might help you explain why you’re so tired to your son - so you can get some peace to rest :slight_smile:

Karen x