referred for MRI, confused about some things

You know, I think you’re onto something with that one! It’s being/hanging out with lawyers that does it! Thinking back, I never got “really” ill 'til after I’d got my legal qualifications, and I even remember my mum saying what a shame it was I’d done them, as they’d clearly “made me ill”. Perhaps she was right after all, and you are right, and that was the cause of it all?

Just kidding, of course. The stress of exams may not have helped much with something that, with hindsight, was already lurking. But I don’t believe putting myself through the training “made me ill”. The NICE guidelines actually say you should be told at diagnosis it’s nothing you’ve done, but I’m surprised how few neurologists seem to bother with this.

Mine only told me when I queried: “We don’t know what causes this, do we?” And he said: “No, but don’t worry, it’s nothing you’ve done!” If I hadn’t asked the question, I don’t think he’d have remembered that bit.