Redundancy looming :-(

Well looks like I am on the hit list for redundancy i had a meeting with my manager this week and we had an honest chat, she more or less told me (without actaully saying it outright cos shes not allowed to) that i’m likely to be one of the people going.

Kinda got my head around it a bit now. May as well take the money and run as its likely I will have to give up work due to ill health in the not too distant future anyway.

The future looks uncertain and scary right now both in terms of work and health. i have to wait another 2 or 3 weeks to find out for sure if I am going, the waiting is worse than the knowing, the same as waiting for dx really. Everything happens at once eh!?

Trying to stay positive for the sake of my family and my staff, but its getting difficult now. Feel like I don’t have any fight left in me


I’ve been there. I was gutted when I had to quit work. I loved the job, meeting new people etc. but now, I’m ok with it. Once I realised that I was writing cheques my body couldn’t cash, I saw that I did the right thing. I’m glad I did it as it would’ve left me in worse shape. I couldn’t stand for too long, no energy and all the other stuff…it was impossible. I think what finally did it was I had a heart attack at work and had to have an ambulance take me away…I just knew it. I shouldn’t have left it as long as I did! Good luck and we are all here for you when you make that break. It’s having to constantly fight that is tiring, but you can do it. Xxx

That is so tough to deal with. There is an argument for hanging on with all your might - if your health did deteriorate in a big way, it would be so much better to be employed than not - but I can understand that this is very difficult when your energy levels are low and grit and drive are in short supply.

I am sure that you have a clear picture of where you stand, and without knowing the details of your situtation, it is hard to know how to advise. All I would suggest is please do make sure that you understand the whole picture, what their criteria are for selecting for redundancy etc. Those criteria need to be fair, openly shared and applied consistently - they can’t select by pointing at ‘you, you and you’. Remember that roles, not people, become redundant, and your employer needs to try to find redeployment roles within the company for people whose roles have disappeared beneath them, but who want to stay. Obviously this is easier to do in a large organisation than in a small one, but it’s always worth being clear about how the land lies.

Good luck.


If you are formally diagnosed with MS your you are coverred by the Disability Discrimination Act and your employer needs to be mindful of this. If you are a member of a trade union then speaking to them would be a useful thing to do.

Good luck


indeed. You need to ask for written confirmation of the reasons they selected you for redundancy. If they mention your sickness record, see a solicitor immediately as you only have 3 months minus one day to take them to tribunal- which you would likely win.

and its the Equality Act, which has superceded the DDA. You should ring Equality and Human Rights Commission for advice.

thank you all for your comments. As i don’t yet know what the criteria will be for the company choosing individuals for redundancy I can’t say i’m being treated unfairly, and given the great support the company have given me since i became ill i don’t think they will do anything underhand, they’re just not like that.

i can kind of understand why i would be picked to go, I have to admitt I can no longer do my job to the level of ability required so if it hadn’t been redundancy it may have been capability anyway. At least this way I would get some money out of it.

Its just the waiting thats horrible, i’m finding it really stressful which really isn’t doing my health any good at all. Had really bad tremors all day today and sooooo tired.

maybe its time to be truthful with myself and see this as an opportunity to spend time on myself rather than putting my job first. It could turn out to be a good thing in the end. just scary and feel very sad that this happened to such a grea commpany.

Oh well, what will be will be.