Red/purple leg

hello everyone

just a question,does any one suffer from cellulitis?

does it make your leg go red with little hard spots, and makes it feel heavy?

saw my gp today, he said just to keep an eye on it?

any suggestions?


Hi Maddie, did he suggest antibiotics? Is it lower down your leg? Personally I would be pestering the Dr again! Sorry for the questions but have you had it long? it needs addressing if it is because it can be painful & can be easily treated with antibiotics. If it’s worse tomorrow go back to him Tracey xx

Hi tracey

Doc Said to hold off on antibiotics but to keep in touch! At times it’s not as dark as other times…

its been going on for a few weeks now.



Has it got worse Maddie? Cellulitis is a bacterial infection & needs antibiotics. Is it painful? Usually Drs spot it easily, let’s be fair, how long does he want to keep his eye on it if you’ve had it weeks!!! x

I’m paranoid about sepsis. It nearly killed two of my family. I’d be making a nuisance of myself to that gp.