Recommended reading

Hi all Just finished reading Coffee in the Cereal, the first year with multiple sclerosis, by Lorna Moorhead and loved it. Funny, touching and sums up what being newly diagnosed was about for me. Catherine

That was the first book I read after diagnosis and I was glad I picked that over some of the text books!

Going to read that next…currently reading Awkward Bitch: My Life with MS by Marlo Donato Parmelee. I have laughed and cried reading it and love her description of the symptoms, I can relate to everything I’ve read so far.

Just ordered coffee in the cereal to read. Thanks for the advise Steph

Thanks fizzy legs. I’ll get that next. I personally don’t want text books or manuals to tell me what I might get next. I’m quite happy to deal with what I’ve got on a wake up basis and deal with it as and if it happens!! Otherwise I think you can wish yourself worse!! Neither do I google… Catherine