Just wondering if anyone can recommend any books on ms; factual or novels.


Overcoming MS by George Jelinek, sent free of charge to anyone who requests a copy is factual.

Awkward B*tch (female dog) by Marlo Donato Parmalee is an account by a successful business woman of her life and career with MS.


There was a film made a few years ago, ‘Go Now’ starring Robert Carlyle, based on the true story of Danny Wallace, a professional footballer who was diagnosed in 1996.

Quite strong stuff, it’s a dramatic account of his MS journey from first symptoms, through diagnosis, struggle with acceptance, and early retirement from the game. It’s gritty and realistic, containing ripe language, laddish scenes with his team mates, and some very emotional scenes with his wife.

I hesitated to post this, as I fear some could find the film a little unsettling, so as you’re newly diagnosed can I just remind you that each of us has our own experience with MS, some vastly different to others: this is Danny’s story.

It was released on DVD about two years ago.


I read a book by a lady called Judy Graham, 25 years ago, I still have I on my bookshelf, I have no idea if it helped or not, I can’t remember what was included! If you search on Amazon, in the book section, Multiple sclerosis, it returned 75 pages of books, this is where you need to decide what’s best, who’s right, who’s wrong, hoe do they know …the usual stuff. I do love the internet and all the benefits it brings but with anything medical, the internet really can be a scary place, Amazon didn’t exist 25 years ago, Judy Graham was recommended to me by someone who already had MS that I knew well enough to trust. Choose carefully Charlie

There are many books about MS. Try looking in your local library. There are plenty concentrating on MS alone, and others about autoimmunity generally, including MS.

Personally, I don’t believe in restrictive diets, so I would avoid Overcoming MS - the George Jelinek book. I’ve also read the Judy Graham book - there’s an awful lot of stuff in there about vitamins and alternative therapies, I found. But if that’s what you want, then both are available.

I would look for an up to date book, preferably written by a doctor (if possible a neurologist) who has some factual information about symptoms, treatments, and yes, some information about alternative therapies, but not a whole scale ‘change your life and you can cure MS’ type book. Unless that is what you are looking for of course.

I’ve read quite a few books in the past, before the internet came along and changed the way we research diseases. Most of what’s sitting on my shelves is now out of date though. So you could just read your way through all the valuable information included on this site (hit the ‘About MS’ button) or on the website.

Good luck finding some up to date information.


Gosh. Thanks everyone I’m not sure what I’m looking for not too technical and not really interested in alternative therapies. I think it’s more individuals experiences. I know we are all unique and I’m still quite chirpy at the moment (although I noted one of you’re posts Sssue that you seemed to share the same outlook as I do at the moment when you were first diagnosed ie. I’m really lucky not much has changed etc etc) I did go on amazon and the choice was daunting so hence my post. Ben I will definately watch that film with an open mind. I love Robert Carlyle. Thanks again.

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I’ve just had a quick look on Amazon myself. Blimey, whether it’s Autoimmune or Multiple Sclerosis that you search for, most of what comes up is ways to ‘cure’ yourself by means of diet, or it’s out of date.

If I were you Gloves, I’d stick to either personal accounts, as you seem interested in that sort of book and factual information from here or the MS Trust. It’s mental just how many people are jumping on the ‘paleo diet’, ‘cure your x,y,z with diet’, or other alternative methods to rid yourself of your MS or other autoimmune disease.

Or for personal accounts, just start with all the information that’s here on this forum, use the ‘search’ box and just surf through all the personal accounts that are already here. Many people have put links on to their various blogs too. That might be interesting to look out for.


When I was first diagnosed, I went to the library and just found one that was factual and tried to address the practical stuff. I can’t remember the title I’m afraid, I just looked at the selection and found one that appealed. I think it was written by two authors.

im not one of those people who like to over Google every ailment, and listen to every theory out there. Too daunting. I just wanted facts about the disease and stuff like that. I didn’t even look for or find this forum to well over a year after, and in hindsight I think this was a good thing for me, because if I had listened to everybody else I would have been terrified. Instead, I came to terms with things at my own pace, and then when I did read stuff I could pick and choose.

there are several pamphlets that your ms nurse can give you