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Hi everyone.

I really want to buy books that talks about what is multiple sclerosis, how to overcome it and more… so if someone knows a good book please tell me…

Thank you

xx Angel

george jelinek - overcoming multiple sclerosis

is a really good book. his mother had ms and died, then he was diagnosed with it too.

carole x

Hi Angel,

There are several books that explain what MS is, and include suggestions on how to deal with specific symptoms.

Unfortunately, there (so far) is no cure for MS - so any book or website that implies otherwise is complete cr*p and should be avoided like the plague!!

Best thing you could do is see what your MS Nurse or Neurologist recommend as worthwhile reading.

(It’s probably worth starting with “Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies” (paperback) as a decent grounding in this condition and perhaps take it from there?)

Best of luck,


Hi Angel I agree with Dom…Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies is a good grounding and explains all in lay mans terms. It certainly answered a lot of questions for me when I was first diagnosed. Catherine

On a slighty different (non text book) note, I would recommend Coffee in the Cereal by Lorna J Moorhead, which recounts her first year with MS. I found it much more upbeat and positive than a lot of other books and because it’s real life, it was much more interesting for me.

Another vote for the “Dummies” book. My son was 15 and was completing work experience arranged through school at our local library. He arranged for me to borrow a copy and we dipped into it together. He was too old for the books aimed at children but the “Dummies” book was written in such a way that made it easy to understand for both of us. What I liked most was that I could just flick to a chapter that was relevant rather than having to read it in any particular order.

Tracey x

I’ve heard the Dummies book recommended too :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Thanks everyone for your help

xx Angel