Recommended Care home in Lancashire

This is my first post.

I have been trying to figure out how to search for a care home for my sister in Lancashire between Wigan and Preston. She’s currently in a home in Kent and wishes to relocate nearer me and her son. She doesn’t want to live at home alone with carers so it’s got to be a care home ideally where not all the other residents have dementia. She needs hoisting out of bed and chairs.

Does anyone on here live in Lancashire and can suggest some good care homes?

There’s a CHC appeal in progress so we can’t afford the very expensive care homes if we lose the appeal.


Hi, the only real way of ensuring you find a good home is by personal recommendation…falng that, look up ‘Care homes in…’. See what their reports are like.

I’ve done this for myself for respite and was disappointed to see the better ones are dearer.