New carer


I’m in need of advice

My 61 year old sister, currently living in Scotland has been living with MS for over 30 years. She is chair bound and requires assistance with all basic tasks, although can feed herself as still has some mobility in one arm. Her house in Scotland has been set up for her with a wet room , hoists in bathroom and bedroom and her partner is her prime carer. Unfortunately he has just been diagnosed with T4 cancer

Although she is getting great care from the council in Dundee this isn’t really suitable long term and I’m expecting to bring her down to Wales and live with us, but don’t really know where to start to provide facilities etc.

Hello appy, it sounds like a difficult situation, for everyone. Carers Support in Wales may be of assistance and hopefully give you some direction. We’re here to make life better for carers - Carers UK All the best.