Struggling with mum’s condition

Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could help please. My mum has suffered with MS since she was in her 20’s and this year she has become bed bound while going in and out of hospitals with infections. I’ve been caring for her since I was 14. We now have carers and nurses but I’m the only one in the family to care for her. Lately I’ve been feeling incredibly overwhelmed and very lonely with her worsening condition- it feels like I’m just treading water and waiting for her ever worsening condition. I’ve called the social worker multiple times this year with my concerns and I don’t seem to be listened to and I’m struggling to cope.

I was wondering if there were any ongoing support groups or other people in the South Wales area looking to meet for some comfort/support in one another. Or any recommendations of where I can go for some help as it’s getting too much.

Thank you

You’ve coped with such a lot alone for a very long time, all I can say is wow! Please check out the organisation below, it may be of some help.

In the meantime, keep posting here, there is usually someone around to talk to if you feel the need to offload.

Kind thoughts

Hi there. I hope the link Willowtree has offered is a help to you.
I’m glad your mum now has carers to help. She is fortunate to have such a lovely daughter.

My hubby cared for me for the first 11 years of me having PPMS. I knew it was taking it’s toll on him, so got carers in.

Caring is such a badly recognised job which needs a boost in wages and profile.
Lok after yourself sweetheart.