Carer looking for support in Wales


I am new to this and not sure what to say. My husband has had MS for 20 years and has got much worse the last few months. I have no support apart from the carers he has and I am looking for support/ friendship with someone in a similar situation in Wales.

Carann, is there an ms club any where near you? It might be a little bit of light in the life of both you and your husband. I love going to the one near me. Husband is my carer and drives me. He could leave me there and go off to have a break but he actually enjoys the tea and scones and the company. As your husband has had ms for 20 years, I may be telling you what you already know! Our village also has a Carers support group that meets twice a month. He went once but found everyone there not just older than him, but of older mindset too, so it wasn’t for him. Maybe make some enquiries with the ms nurse, community practice nurse or your gp even. I do hope you get something.

Hello Carann54, Sorry to hear about your situation and the best thing that I can say is, have you been in touch with your local Carers’ Support? They are there for you and not for your husband, offering support and advice for you. We’re here to make life better for carers - Carers UK Good luck and take care.

Hi Poppy6488…thanks for your reply…My husband used to go to a MS day centre but they couldn’t meet his needs after he got slightly worse as there was no one there to look after the MS sufferers only volunteer cooks and drivers. So he is unable to attend anymore Thankyou for taking the time to reply

Thanks for your reply What’s it all about. I will look into it