Not happy in the care home what are the alternitives.

My brother has had Primary Progressive MS for 33 years he lives in a Care Home /Nursing Care but has been having bowel problems for over 2 months now he has been taking Fibregel Lactose Senna etc we think it has something to do with his MS he stays in bed all day as he opens his bowels when he gets up, he now wants to move but to where .What other places can he go he is wheelchair bound. please can someone help and give me some ideas. JJ

I’m sorry JJ I don’t have any suggestions other than to perhaps move to a nicer home. There are some excellent ones around.

Good luck and sorry I can’t be more helpful. Can his ms nurse not help as she’ll know the area and what’s available there.

Cath xx

Thank you Cath I have been on to MS Nurse and his Social Worker we are trying to sort out his bowel problem first, which I think could be the cause of his unhappiness at the home.

It seems a this is one of the side effects with MS but it is hard to try and explain to him and inform him that it is, I sometimes think that some of the Carers and Nurse does not understand what he is going through . JJ

Hello JJ It must be such a worry for you. I am not sure if it would help your brother but I have had great results for my bowel problems by using LDN. If you google the LDN trust you will find all the details of how to obtain it. LDN seems to help different people in different ways…I was lucky in that it has improved my bowel and bladder problems enormously. I do hope you brothers situation improves soon. My very best wishes, Nina

Hi Anon, how old is your brother?

I live in sheltered housing. These are schemes for people usually over 55 with health problems. They are independent living… so you have your own flat… but there are emergency pull cords, social activities and a manager who can help with applying for benefits and setting up a care package.

Contact your local authority for more info. There usually isn’t much of a waiting list in most areas.

All the best,

Pat x

What about one of the Leonard Cheshire Disabilty-care homes, Nursing homes…there scattered around the country. I worked in one years ago. They have all the top of the range disability equipment…read about their philosophy online. xxx