Bowel trouble

Hi my brother has had primary progressive MS since he was 23 years old he is now 56 recently he has been having trouble

with his bowels water like liquid but feels like he is constipated the staff at the care home have been giving him Lactose and senna

I am assumming that this has to work by breaking down the blockage higher up and have to let it take its course.

He is very depressed and stays in bed all day fearing he will have a evacuation is this the right way to treat this.


Hi, I am also troubled with constipation every few weeks.

I am a full time wheelchair user and know that immobility makes it worse.

Can your borther walk? Is he able to move a bout in bed?

it is an awful problem, when we think we may have an accident. But try to get him moving (bodily I mean) as this could help the bowels move a bit.

If he cant move, what about rolling him over in bed a few times?

To keep myself going, I take movicol daily (it can be taken up to 8 times a day for severe impaction), but I sometimes take 2 if I miss a day. I also eat bran flakes and drink prune juice.

Is your brother drinking plenty of water, as this helps too?


I think your brother needs to see a doctor to help him with his bowel problems. I do not think that lactulose and senna are strong enough to help him. Like Poll I swear by Movicol, as well as a healthy diet! Teresa xx

Contact his doctor and ask for a referal for the contenence nurse yes the have them and my one has set up a regime that works for me

Contact his doctor and ask for a referal for the contenence nurse yes the have them and my one has set up a regime that works for me


I have had this problem constantly for 4 years now although I do not have a diagnoisis. I have found that what ever you do you need to do it every day, not just when it is bad.

I take magnesium hydroxide (which has a more bearable taste that lactose and is less windy!), psyllium husks (from Holland and Barrett) and 10 dried apricots and dried prunes a day. Fibre is the key for bulk.

I also agree with the others that more medical help is needed.

Best wishes x

Hi maybe get the careers to ring a district nurse who will be able to give him an enema if he feels constipated has been constipated will make him feel poorly morexx

Hi, I’ve found something that’s working for my constipation… for now anyway. I do find that things work for a while and then stop working.

Anyway, I’m buying those cartons of orange juice made from concentrate, and having about 3 or 4 big glasses a day… diluted 50/50 with water as it’s very acid on its own. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks and has made me regular, so worth a try.

Sorry to hear your brother is feeling depressed. Talk to him about taking anti-depressants. Loads of us with MS use them and they really do help.

All the best,

Pat x

Hi there!

I have had constipation all my life, diagnosed with IBS late 20’s. Consequently I have had a lifetime of trying things! Now made worse by PPMS>

I swear by a healthy diet, drinking lots of fluid (not tea and coffee) but most effectively, having linseeds on my cereals every day. Just a teaspoon. Every day. If not on cereals, in soup, on the butter on bread. If I stop this for any short time constipation becomes a problem again. Please try it and give it time to work. You can get linseeds from most health stores and supermarkets. Good luck. Hope he is feeling better soon.