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I’m feeling really down and fed up. I have advanced MS and seem to be losing control of my bowels. Either I’m badly constipated or if I take anything then I get about 5 seconds notice when I need to go to the loo. Needlews to say I rarely make it there in time.

I have an appointment to see a bowel nurse at the end of August but I think this is an MS problem and not a bowel problem. ie nerves telling the brain that I want to empty my bowels have been shredded and message bot getting to the brain.

I do take Senna to stop constipation but sometimes it is too pwerful. Going o reduce from 2 pills a night to 1 but frightened constipation will return.

Anyone got any sensible advice on how to deal with this problem. MS consultant just talks about bowel hygiene. I’m getting very disillusioned

Hi, I have a similar problem (bowel and brain don’t play well together). My incontinence nurse suggested using glycerine suppositories every morning to make sure I’m ‘cleared out’ as I’ve very little control over my bowel and was having accidents.

It actually works really well for me and has drastically cut down on the number of mishaps. My MS consultant wasn’t the best either , but the incontinence nurses really know their stuff.



i totally get what you are saying.

i too have the advanced label and bowel issues been ongoing for several years now.

i used peristeen with effect for 2 years until i got too poorly to use the equipment. i have carers so they or nurse could have done it for me but the procedure and after effects lasted all day!. plan b… blah blah blah. am currently on about plan t! lol!

theres no quick fix. currently 5 prunes, some nuts and raisins plus an apple every morning. then picosulphate on the evenings that i know i am doing nothing the next day (twice a week) is the best i can manage. its not foolproof but what in life is?!

have also been the senna route but i found that too aggressive/really hard to get it right.

i really hope you find your way cos i know the impact it has on daily life!


ps senna is a push-it-out. lactulose is a softener. pico that i use is emptier. it make take several weeks/months to get it right then be prepared for it all to change again!

Hi Patrick

What’s your diet like? Make sure you’re getting plenty of high fibre stuff like fruit & veg, beans and wholegrain things (eg wholemeal pasta rather than white). Sprinkle a tablespoon of linseeds/flaxseeds on your breakfast, as it’s super high in fibre. Drink plenty of water. There are things that can contribute to constipation too like too much meat and bread.

It’s also useful to know our bowels are most active in the first half hour or so after eating, especially after breakfast. So go sit on the loo ten or twenty minutes after eating breakfast. Also, invest in a squatty potty (or at the very least, watch the advert, which is brilliant -


Hi yes me too. I have periods when i can go normal then suddenly its like having to sit for ages I do use a little stool for my legs which help. I find figs is good for me as they are high in favour. I would try to keep off senacott as they will just make your bowels lazy. I took 2 once and pooped for nearly 3 days, and there was no way I could hold it when i need it. If i have been desperate now I take half of 1 and it works lol. not going for a few days wont do harm some people only go a few days a week. others every morning. but i get you and i am seeing the continence nurse soon about my over active bladder and my neurologist told me talk to her about my sluggish bowels too.

Hi Patrick,

I use Peristeen. Initially I contacted the Bladder & Bowel Nurse in my local borough who visited & demonstrated. Nothing to be shy about… they’ve seen it all before! Get my free supplies from their company. As my manual dexterity is cr@p (excuse the pun!) the community nurses visit to perform the deed on alternative days… am. It’s a bit intrusive I know. But I am then free to venture out. Also they deal with my SPC.

Hope you find a solution?

Take Care.

I love the ad just love it


Que Sera, Sera!

Hi can anyone got experience of oxygen therapy ? Especially in the initial stages?

I too can recommend Peristeen. It means that I have enough confidence to go out.


Hi anon

I suggest posting this in a new thread, rather than replying to this, as more people will read it.


do you mean hypser barric oxygen therapy?

i go to the ms therapy centre (NW) at Trafford Park.

there are centres on the outskirts of most cities.