Recently diagnosed

Hi i was diagnosed with ms on the 18th may after suffering with numbness and tingling for the past 2 year. I was getting told that it was all in my head and there was nothing wrong with me but my symptoms kept happening. I pished to see a neurologist in Newcastle and finally got a diagnosis. I am now suffering with optic neuritis and no one can really explain what i should be doing or given me any help


I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been left without any support after your diagnosis.

You should ask your GP if there is a MS Nurse that you can contact.

There is no treatment for optic neuritis as it usually goes away after a few weeks or months. However don’t expect your eyesight to return completely to normal as there is often some residual damage to the optic nerve.

The Forum is a great place to ask questions or just let off steam. There’s usually someone who has been through the same and understands.

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Hi Kays1208, I was also just diagnosed this week (in Newcastle). I have been told I will be given an appointment with the MS nurses- just waiting for it to come through. It may be a little short notice but there is an MS awareness event tomorrow at the Newcastle Gateshead Hilton. Tickets are free and can be accessed via the events section on the website. I couldn’t believe the timing that it was on and booked my ticket earlier in the week. I’m hoping it can really give me a boost in terms of knowledge and understanding.

Hi wanderlust82 The event is too short notice for me but thankyou for making me aware of it. I have my appointment at the ms clinic at the rvi on 5th july so hopefully they will discuss treatment plans and give me more information. Its scary until you get the knowledge of the disease

Hello Kay

It’s often a big shock, even if expected, to receive the diagnosis of MS. And after a long period of testing and waiting for results, it sometimes feels like both a relief to have someone draw a line under the symptoms and simultaneously frightening about what happens next.

Have a look at The MS Trust produce some excellent fact sheets and webpages that are easy to follow and make sense.

With regard to your current optic neuritis, assuming you don’t yet have an MS nurse, is there a general neurology nurse service you could get help from, even if it’s just to get moved up the queue with the MS nurse. Otherwise, you could see if your GP knows anything about MS (some do and some just don’t) and are comfortable prescribing high dose steroids. If that is, you want them. They are supposed to be particularly effective on ON, but many people would rather avoid them because of their side effects.