Hi all

I had an MRI on my brain last Monday as a result of an episode of Optic Neuritis 9 weeks ago.

I saw my neuro today to discuss scan results. He says there are 4-5 lesions on my brain and some whiteness around my optic nerve. I am 27 so he did say that it’s not normal to have them. However, he doesn’t seem worried. He has said there’s not much he can do for now and has discharged me. He has said I should go back to my GP if there’s any drastic change.

I have minimal other symptoms including wet patches sensation on my thighs, internal buzzing, very sharp stabbing pains in my hands and feet and numbeness and tingling in my face. However, none of it impacts on my quality of life.

I should be glad that he’s not worried, but I just feel deflated. I know there’s nothing he can do for now, so I completely understand why he has discharged me. I just feel I will have a cloud of worry over me for a while.

Anyway, I realise I am lucky that things aren’t worse, I just hate the uncertainty.

PG xx

being discharged after hearing all this, must make you feel lost and aprehensive. Sounds like you have good support from your GP so don’t hesitate to use him/her. And in the meantime you have this forum for help x


It’s difficult I know being left afloat with only the GP as a life line. Remember that only 50% of patients with Optic Neuritis go on to develop MS so there is a chance you may never get MS. If you’re the less lucky 50% there is still no clear clue as to when the next thing might happen - could be months or even years.

So don’t take it negatively. It’s on record you’ve had an episode of demylination with the optic neuritis and if something new happens you can be referred back in and they have your previous results to compare with to get that diagnosis. Enjoy your health and try not to worry about what if (easier said than done I know).

Good luck and as Medion said we’re hear if something new or worrying happens, but will keep everything crossed that you never run in to any new trouble.



Aw, it sounds like you feel a little adrift:(

I agree wih Medion, get back to your GP if you think anything new crops up but in the mentime, hope for the best and keep your chin up :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi all

Thank you for your replies. I actually feel better about it all today and am taking an attitude of what will be, will be and I can’t spend all my time worrying about it.

I know that every twinge etc will register with me, but I just have to try and put things to the back of my mind and into perspective.

Thank you again for all your support

PG xx