Recently diagnosed and needing advice

Hi all,

I was diagnosed around 4 months ago after going through GP appointments, an MRI and lumbar puncture to confirm my diagnosis. In total, it took around 2 years from me first noticing symptoms, which I know quick compared to some.

I have just begun Kesimpta a few months ago and I haven’t had any reaction or side effects (yet!) however I feel like my initial symptoms are not lessening and are in fact getting worse. Is this ‘normal’?

I originally went to my GP as I noticed I was dropping things all of the time and having dizzy/head rush episodes when I moved my head quickly or stood up too quickly. It was dismissed by my GP but then I had tingling/numb sensations all over my body which were there 24/7 so went back to the GP who referred me to a neurologist and the journey to MS diagnosis began.

I have a good MS nurse, but I am unsure whether I should contact her to ask this question. I still have tingly/numb hands, legs and feet all of the time but now I am getting heavy, stiff sensations in my arms and my legs are causing pain and discomfort - especially if I have been sitting down for too long.

I am aware that everyone’s symptoms are different, but could these be related to my MS? The pain in my leg is constant and is making me walk with a limp most of the time. I am a very active person so am conscious of the fact it may be down to over exercising, but I have never felt this uncomfortable pain in my legs before or the heavy arms. I have also noticed I am exhausted pretty much all of the time and am becoming clumsy (walking into door frames, losing my feeting when on the treadmill)

Any advice given is greatly appreciated as I am still trying to get my head around this and what it could potentially be doing to my body.


Hi Kimberley. I have no experience of Kesimpta but if I were you I would Definitely ask your MS Nurse about the things you mention in your post