Anyone know how important the positioning of the Rebismart is whilst injecting? The instructions say hold vertically against your skin when injecting. However, when doing the side of your thigh, tummy or bum this is pretty tricky. Is horizontal ok?

Not sure what you mean… as long as the business end of the Rebismart is full-on to the place you’re injecting (i.e. not at an odd angle, it should be straight/flat on), I’ve always found it’s fine. Upside down might cause a problem, but anywhere else, it appears to do as it should. Don’t panic too much about it!

Thanks, guessed I was overthinking it. Just instructions say hold vertically against skin whereas I held it beside the side of my thigh if that makes sense. Guess it’s smart so wouldn’t inject if I was doing it wrong


I think I get what you mean.

As long as the end touching your skin is flat to your skin that’s fine.

I used to do the side of my leg so, like you say, you hold the Rebismart horizontally as you’re not holding its vertically. You will be fine. Like you say, if you were holding it incorrectly it wouldn’t inject.

Take care.

Shazzie x

Thanks for that. I’m working on the assumption that if it was held wrongly it wouldn’t work.

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