Rebif injecting into thighs

Hi everyone a happy new year to you all and I hope this year will be wonderful for all.

I would be grateful if you could let me know the best place to inject into the thighs my rebif nurse said to inject into the side of the thigh but this is really hurting, do you all inject into the side or is there a better place to inject.


I am on Tecfidera now but was on rebif for several years.

I hated injecting my legs - it was the worst place, and i usually bruised there but no-where else.

The solution for me was just not to inject there at all.

I injected arms,bum,stomach and rotated those sites. I didn’t have any injection site problems anywhere else and after 9 years of injecting my skin, didn’t have any adverse affects by doing this.

When i did inject my legs i found the middle of my thigh less painful/less bruised than the sides. I tried hot/cold compresses before injection but it didn’t help me but it’s worth a try.


When I was on Rebif I injected belly, arm & bum…rotating each time. I didn’t do my legs at all, much too painful!

Rosina x

when I was on Rebif, injecting into my thighs was too painful and I always ended up with a lot of bleeding and huge bruises. Was told to just stop injecting there and remember to rotate injection sites in other places


I tend to inject on the top of my thigh when sitting down towards the top of my leg, You may find that changing the settings on the rebismart may help, My MS nurse suggested slowing the down the injection speed and length of time the needle stays in