Injection sites

Hi. I started rebif Monday so so far have done two jabs , one in bum abd one in tummy. My next is thigh … my thighs are quite muscly … what I want to know is if this site causes problems can I leave thighs out and stick to tummy and bum? I’m not doing arms either due to my job but the nurse said I needed ideally six areas to jab so they don’t get sore. So far ive not had any reactions or soreness. Can barely tell where I’ve done it to be honest. Thanks in advance xxx

hi lisa

i’m on copaxone and that is better done on loose flesh (sounds yuck, i dont have much loose flesh)

avonex is done into muscle

i dont know about rebif but why not give your legs a shot and then you’ll know.

good luck

carole x

Thanks carole … I’m going to try it but was just wondering about my options if they are hard work. I am only petite so my fleshy bits are really my mum tum as I like to call it and my love handles as the nurse called it so bum kind of xxx

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Lisa, but my thighs look like corned beef these days. I get red marks wherever I inject (tum, muffin tops and thighs) but the ones on my thighs take the longest to clear - up to a fortnight. They aren’t painful but look so unsightly. Thankfully I am too old to wear short skirts or very short shorts so no-one sees them. It has put me off going swimming though as I’m sure everyone else likes people watching as much as I do and I don’t want to get mistaken for an addict :wink: !!

I prefer to carry a bit of excess weight as it makes the injections easier but I always lose weight with relapses and can’t seem to find it again at the moment. Still it’s a good excuse to eat all the bad things .

Glad your injections are going well

Tracey xx

Yeah I think it’s going to hurt esp as like I say not a lot of fat there. And I think it’s going to mark. The other ones haven’t. So that’s why I wondered whether I could if it is problematic just use the bum and tum. But maybe then that’s not leaving enough sites? I will give it a go tomorrow and see. Will keep you posted :wink: So far everything has been okay. Noticed a little low mood and snappiness. However I was like this before the rebif so it may be that now I’m on it I’m noticing it more if you know what I mean because its the one thing I’m really terrified of having…severe depression…I had actually prior to rebif been thinking of going back on my anti dep that I had for post natal depression. But then also thought it could be down to going back on my pill. As I did notice my mood was better when not on the pill. Or just because I have deteriorated so obviously I have something to feel a bit miffed about. Bloody hard work all this analysing :wink: xxxx P.s hope your doing okay Tracey x

Mine don’t hurt as such on my thighs but it does sting just a tiny bit like normal injections. I don’t really feel them on tum and hips so having a bit of fat does make a difference!

I find I get a bit irritable anyway when I’m tired and it’s so hard with this blooming condition to know what’s what sometimes. I know exactly what you mean. I take amitriptyline for neuropathic pain and a hormone for my migraines and PMT but none of them help my mood swings at all ;-).

I’m okay thanks, can’t seem to shake off the fatigue since the relapse and still have odd things happening with my legs and feet. It’s still early days yet so I have to plod on. I’ve only been back to work a week after half term and I’m already counting down the days to the summer holidays. Hopefully six weeks of lie ins will see me right :slight_smile:

You must have had your holiday now (the first one) - how was it? I hope the weather was at least dry?

Tracey xx


I’ve been injecting Rebif for about 4 weeks now and I’m only doing legs and tummy - too much of a wimp to do arms yet! What do you mean by hips, is it top of your legs or around the back? Sorry if I’m being a bit dim!


Hi Tracey

When I was on Rebif I found that my thighs were the least painful of the injection sites. The underside of my arms was by far the most painful. I avoided injecting there eventually. You do need to rotate the sites as much as possible though.

I’m sure you’ll get on ok with it. You’ll find your own best practice and routine.

Best of luck.


Sorry, meant to write Lisa, not Tracey. But good luck to you too Tracey!

Friday afternoon. I need a drink!


Hi, I don’t inject in my legs because it leaves marks, at least it did when I last injected in my legs but that was many years ago. I just inject in my tummy and rotate it, top right, top left, middle right, middle left, bottom right, bottom left. I’m not that big either and not fat. I’ve been on betaferon for 17 years so an old hand now. However the nurse still emphasizes using different areas for injections, legs, bum, tummy, arms but I just tell her that that’s what I do. She always looks and says there are no marks. However, be careful because it might take a good few days for any reaction to show. I think you’ll just have to be guided by trial and error and how things work out for you. Good luck with your next injections, sounds like you are doing really well. Cheryl:-)

Hi there I do tummy and legs- rotating 6 areas on legs and 3 areas on tummy. I am quite slim so it tends to sting everywhere and I do get bruises and some red marks. I tend to take a painkiller after each injection & forget about it… I haven’t relapsed since starting rebif 2 years ago so am happy with a few blotches! Kx

Hi I’ve just had my fifth injection with a rebismart and so far my thigh sites have taken longer to clear than tummy or bum. They didn’t hurt to inject though which was a bonus! Plus I’ve found the two sites I’ve massaged for two minutes afterward and then held a heat pad to had a quicker disappearance rate. SheffieldLass

Thanks guys. Think that means I could if I want stick to the two sites but map it out so I don’t do it in the same place. So far there is no mark and I really struggle to see where I did it last so might have to write on the area I’ve done…haha. K really good to know you’ve done so well on rebif. Hope it works for me. Found myself thinking about odd things today, nothing major but things I wouldn’t think about. Or adding on to people’s sentences in my head. Hard to explain really. Wonder if that’s connected. Oh well sure ill figure it out. Cheryl you have been on it a long time so that’s really positive. Hope its really benefitted you. Tracy holiday was good, got a bit of rain and weather was not amazing, the one sunny day I managed to really burn myself…think I was getting the sun whilst it was there and consequently looked like I had sunglasses in for a good few days. Haha. Off to Norfolk two weeks on Saturday. Excited for that. :slight_smile: Ooh and everyone I did my leg, it definitely hurt more but I did it and I sat up instead of laying down…well done me. Very proud of myself. Now having a glass of red. Thanks guys xxx

Jenny, hips are your love handles … I called it bum, but the m.s nurse said its your love handles. X

Thank you Lisalou, I’ll have a go there tonight! x

Good luck hun xxx

I start left thigh and then work up. Stomach, then under left arm.

Then start under right arm and down. Righ stomach then right thigh.

That way i know i get a full 2 weeks between sites

hi again

the copaxone nurse told me that the reason i had excruciating pain sometimes when injecting my arms was that i was injecting into a spot that had recently been done.

it may be the same for rebif

carole x

Woohoo no mark on the thigh either. Fingers crossed it continues xx

Glad you enjoyed your holiday despite the weather Lisa. I think you overdid the vitamin D on the one good day ha ha :slight_smile:

Well done for sitting up to do your injection even with the bit of pain. You deserved the glass of wine afterwards. I always had a treat ready for afterwards in the early days. It made it all worthwhile :slight_smile: I’m so glad it is going well for you. It’s good for others to hear stories like this when they are nervous about starting injections.

I missed an injection the week before last because I was so tired I went to bed early and forgot all about it so missed the alarm going off on my phone :frowning: Oops!! I have to have an alarm set three times a week as I’m a bit forgetful (not sure if that is age-related or MS-related) and I keep a diary (the one they send from Rebif) with injection sites and any symptoms or other problems as well as positive things each week so I can remember what to tell neuro/nurse at appointments.

Tracey xx