Rebismart switch off mid injection

Machine just under a year old and switche off mid injection saying batteries low. Ms nurse said batteries should last two years. Machine has been playing up and I’m having trouble with ejecting the needles from machine. What is the rebif support number and do I. Think I would b able to get a new machine?


You can replace the batteries. The Rebismart takes AAA batteries.

Mine sometimes plays up with the needles, but I think that it’s more my mishandling the needles than the machine having a hissy fit!

You should have a stick-on information label on the back of the machine.

Mine’s 4 years old now and it is playing up a bit, but I have heard that machines are automatically replaced in some health authorities.

I hope this helps.


My Rebismart was automatically replaced by BUPA every 2 years. The batteries should last 2 years but my nurse gave me a little tip. They are lithium batteries and are very sensitive. She advised me to wipe both ends of the batteries with a clean cloth or piece of paper towel (make sure it doesn’t leave any bits behind) before inserting them into the machine. This should make them last longer. The demonstrator model she had kept using up the batteries very quickly until Serck Merono told her this tip.

You should be able to get free batteries from your Rebif supplier. They will post them to you first class in time for your next injection.

Tracey xx