Rebismart not working

Hi, I need some help!

My Rebismart won’t turn on.

I went to use it on Friday and it wouldn’t turn on, so I changed the batteries and still nothing. Has anybody else had this problem? I don’t know if there is a reset button anywhere or will I have to wait for a new one to be delivered?



I don’t know anything about the Rebismart, I’m sorry. It’s betaferon I’m on and I don’t use one of these injection machines, I just take the needle and inject (the machines weren’t available when I started on betaferon so I had never used them anyway). Would it be possible to just inject yourself without the Rebismart until you get it sorted. Cheryl:-)

I have to hold my on button down for ages. Have you tried looking on

I would phone them up to get a new one if it’s bust Min xx