Rebismart switched off

Hi Just trying to do my injection via rebismart and the machine switched off while needle in my stomach. Machine has not been been right for a few weeks. One night the machine did not eject the needle, so when I when to insert needle two days later not realising a needle was still in from Monday night and the machine had two needles in it. When I went to inject it hurt but thankfully the machine knew there was something wrong an stopped What is the help line number as I’m not sure did I receive the full dose.

Rebismart said batteries low I was told batteries last 2 years only had the machine a year

Hi The contact details for Rebismart are: Lamberts Healthcare Ltd. Century Place, Laberts Road TN2 3EH Tunbridge Wells United Kingdom Tel.: + 44 1892 552121 Fax.: +44 1892 548971 Hope you get it all sorted Jane xx

Many thanks for your reply