Rebif times.

Quick question, I’m changing my days this week on rebif, only started a week ago so m.s nurse said its fine. However ill now be injecting on a Thursday…problem is I go to the gym, can I do this when I get back about 8.30ish even though I do my others at about quarter to 8? Just thought I’d check as I’m new to this. Xxxxx

Hi Lisa

Yes, this will be fine. As long as there is a 48 hour gap between injections you can play around with the times to fit in with your schedule. Btw, when I read the title of your thread I thought it was going to be a blog - like Financial Times or New York Times :wink: My brain is obviously on the completely wrong track tonight!!

Tracey xx

Thanks tracy I should be fine then. Nope definitely not a blog :slight_smile: that might be too boring x.

My RebiSmart doesn’t seem to complain if I’m, say, half an hour early either (so a touch under 48 hours). It will apparently protest if it’s too soon.

Thanks it def won’t be too soon just maybe an hour late. X