Rebif machine

Hi, I’ve just done my injection and when I put the needle in I looked (yes looked, never thought I’d say that being a needle phobic three ten weeks ago) … Anyway I looked and there was some liquid on it, gave it a little shake and it dropped off. I am thinking this was liquid from my last jab that had gathered in the cavity. What I want to know is what do I do about this? Also I looked in the book re cleaning the device and it says it comes with a cleaning tool…where do I find this? Xxx

I get the blob of liquid too and my nurse just said to gently tap it off. I find this happens on startibg each new cartridge. I look at the needle too lol. The thing is it will irritate your skin if it drips on you and sting more if you inject without getting it off. I didn’t have a cleaning tool either. I use moist cotton buds that you use for your ears. Dawn x

Thanks Dawn I’ve never noticed it before but don’t always look however like you it was the first jab out of the new cartridge too. Thanks x