Rebif injections


i have just had a phone call from Lloyd’s pharmacy to let me know that my first lot of injections will be delivered next Tuesday… and a nurse will be in contact to come to my home to teach me how to use them! I don’t have my first MS nurse appointment until mid August so I’m a bit confused and overwhelmed right now.

I completely forgot to ask about payment for the injections…can anyone enlighten me, please? I have been put on another med which I collected the script for from my GP, so obviously had to pay for that, but do I need to pay for the injections too?

Thanks x

I had my Rebif delivered to my door when I was on it in 2017 and didn’t pay anything for it. Good luck with it :relaxed:

Ah lovely, thank you x

If you don’t get an medical exemption card you can get a pre paid card if you get quite a lot of medications each months it’s well worth paying for it because I have an underactive thyroid I have a card so I don’t pay. But before that I had a pre paid card it was worth it. Kay