Cost - Medication

Hi all, I have just started taking rebif and was completly shocked when an invoice came through my door on saturday for my medication. Ok so i never asked that question when i was at the hospital, but neither was i told. I guess i just presummed because i was going to be on the this for the rest of my life that i wouldnt have to pay. My sister is diabetic and she has never had to pay, so what is the difference? Im sorry to rant but this has really mad me angry.

I agree if it is free for some then why not all!. Fair enough people on low income and others in the same position. But why do certain illness get things free regardless of there income??? illness is bad for all who have to live with it day in day out let things just be fair!

Was this an invoice for the prescription charge or for the drug? xxx

Don’t panic. I’m quite sure you won’t have to pay for it. Check with your MS nurse/neuro’s secretary about whether you need to send it on to anywhere, or just put in in the bin. What you won’t have to do is pay for it yourself. Alison x

Very very weird that you got an invoice! DMDs are free. I agree with Alison - give your MS nurse a call. Karen x

Thanks everyone, ive left a message for my ms nurse :slight_smile: