First dmd injection?

Hi, Just wondering I’m getting the impression my first injection will be done at the hospital…I thought the nurse came to your home. And also if its done there in the day what do I do in terms of timing of injection as ideally I wanted to do the jab in an evening for worry of side effects ! I’m getting scared now x

hi lisalou

are you going to be on copaxone? if so you can ring the connections helpline and ask one of their nurses to come out to you.

you should have a pack with everything you need - dvd, book, diary etc

my ms nurse showed me how to do the jabs during the consultation where i chose copaxone.

if you’re on rebif they may have a similar service

good luck

carole x

It’s rebif. I’m more worried as I wanted the jab in the evening really and I hate needles x

Hi Lisalou My first injection was with the hospital nurse on the unit at lunchtime. But don’t worry the titration amount is so small compared to the full dose and you may be lucky, like me and not get any side effects at all. And here’s betting, like me, you’ll look at her in disbelief and say, is that it ??!! Xx

Thanks mrs H. I have a tendency to faint, can I lie down whilst I do it? Less chance of me hitting the floor. Can I then change the injection time to evening? In some ways I’d prefer am injection just worried about side effects and working. How are you doing with rebif? How long has it been now? And how are you feeling now since your bad news. I hope they get you sorted? X

Hi I did my first one sitting in a big, comfy armchair and yes, I then did the next one at home in the evening…I always do mine at 6pm. Rebif suits me just fine. I have absolutely no side effects and I actually feel quite positive when I inject…it’s like, fight that then MS !! I’ve been on it since February. I’m trying not to think about t’other thing until Friday afternoon when I see the Registrar again for the news. Thanks for asking. Xx

Well please keep us up to date. We will be thinking of you x And if its a reclining chair I might be okay, maybe I could lie down and guess the position x

I don’t have a problem with needles but I like your “when I inject…it’s like, fight that then MS !!” approach Mrs H.

Mr S

Yeah, I’m a stubborn, little eejit…MS in control of me ? Like hell it is !! Bet my star sign is obvious !! Xx


When I started DMDs I first tried rebif and the rebif nurse came to my house to show me how to inject. It was in the afternoon I think but then when I injected myself 2 days later-so my second injection I injected in the evening and then continued to do so until I stopped the rebif. When I started on copaxone the same thing happened. The nuse from the copaxone company came to my house and showed me what to do. I did the first one in her presence (morning) and then did the next injection the following evening. Both nurses were lovely and very supportive-they gave me their phone numbers to call at anytime plus you are given a support number from the drug company. The rebif nurse came out 3 times and so far the copaxone nurse has visited me three times and is coming again next week to see how I’m doing.

Good luck when you start -you’ll be fine I’m sure.


I love that word eejit mrs H, my dad uses that all the time. Will the rebif nurse come out after I have started then. I declined something to do with their aftercare as she said that they can be quite strict, want the monitor to go in a reader thing so they know whats happening etc or am I thinking of something different? There was no suggestion of a rebif nurse doing the first one though, just m.s nurse support? Wonder if its different in different areas? X

Yep, my hospital nurse on an MS nurse practioner. You go to see her again after a month then after three months for blood tests to see how your liver is coping. The Rebif nurses are on the end of a phone and are very good. They’re more for queries or help and work for Merck Serano, the drug suppliers. There’s only three of them but they are available 365 days a year and ring you straight back. I don’t know where they’re based…I suspect, London. Xx


The Rebif medication nurse came to my home yesterday morning to take me through how to use the Rebismart and make sure I was happy with inserting the cartridge and needle and actually doing the injection. She then watched me inject my first dose and today she phoned and left a message for me to phone her back for an update.

It’s nice to know these people are there for support and I hope I don’t need to phone them all the time but reassuring if I do.

Take care

Pen xx

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Thanks pen for that and for your pm…I’ve messages you back. Maybe mrs H they only visits people near to them then. That’s a shame. I would have preferred a home visit really in case I do hit the floor :frowning: oh well, least if I bang my head I’m in the right place? :wink:

Maybe…I’m up in the North East of England. You won’t fall over…honest…I really think you’ll be back on here, like me, in disbelief at the simplicity and ease of it all. I’ll do you a deal…if you’re not, you can pick my forfeit !!! Xx

Haha…I faint very easy Mrs H so you may regret that. Even my hubbie has been known to step over me, get his beer (pool bar) and just say to someone don’t worry she’ll be round in a minute, she does this…caring eh? X

The nurse came to my house as others have said. Only real difference is I Now inject on the morning as I couldn’t get on top of my headache when I Woke where as now I can put up with it. Trial and error I think and I’m 3 Months in. Good luck Sonia x

Thanks. I feel that if things go well symptom wise I might switch to morning. Thanks for your advice hun. I wish my nurse would come out but it seems they don’t offer that x

I did my first one at the hospital and they told me not to drive myself there just in case I suffered flu type symptoms afterwards and to take my painkillers with me. I took these before the injection and I think my appointment was late morning. I remember feeling such a wimp because my mum was a diabetic and had to inject twice a day and I was panicking at the thought of injecting 3 times a week.

I was on the 22mg dose at the time and I only had a slight headache that first time. I’m in a rural area and I don’t think there was an option for a nurse to come out to me. After the injection I was so relieved and I did manage to do the others on my own. That was before the Rebismart came out (you should have seen the previous auto-injector - it was brutal, it used to fire the needle in like a dart!) so after that switching to the Rebismart made things much easier. You don’t even see the needle.

I still do my injections just before bedtime as it’s the easiest time for me to remember. I have an alarm set on my mobile phone just in case I forget. I used to take painkillers routinely for the first few weeks and sleep through the worst of the headache and achiness and take more tablets the next morning if I was still a bit achy.

I’m sure you will be fine, I was shaking that first day but when it was all over I thought ‘was that it?’.

Tracey xx