Really pleased - in a strange way!

Hi Just wanted to tell everyone I received my Blue Badge today. It will make things much easier as I can’t walk for long. It feels good to have it but I’m sort of sad as well - I’m sure you know what I mean. S x

It really does make the world of difference - enjoy! :slight_smile: BTW, did you know that if you get high rate mobility DLA you can get a cinema card that entitles your carer (i.e. mate) to get into the cinema for free when you pay? Nice one that one :slight_smile: Karen x

I asked my GP if he thought I would qualify, he said I did so I downloaded the form and sent it to the council. The council contacted my GP I believe. It came back in about a fortnight. It does make life so much easier.

I’m waiting to hear about DLA - it was a nightmare filling the forms in. They phoned up on Thursday to clarify how many times I go to the loo in the night!! They said they should get it finalised that day and I’d probably hear next week. She commented that they didn’t need to get further medical info as I’d included copies of all the letters I’d received from the hospital. Now I just have to wait and see what their decision is!

Good luck with the consultant next week, hope you get some answers.

S x

Please make sure you get professional help to fill your DLA forms in or at least join the benefitsandwork website (it’s about £20 a year and is worth the money if you are doing the forms on your own). Those forms are a minefield to the unaware!

Karen x


I’ve just checked my bank account and have a credit for £805 from DLA! I haven’t received the letter yet so can’t quite work out what level I’ve been awarded but I’m so happy!!! First application too, with the help of Benefitsandwork.

I’ve got to go into work soon, working 10-2 today as trying to do a phased return. I was there on Tuesday too, came home and slept for 3 hours and then went to bed at 8.30 so I’m not expecting it to be successful - got to go through the motions and be seen to be trying, even if it’s only closure for myself as it has been a job I have loved

Take care everyone

S x