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Dear All,

Thank you to all those that posted a reply to my question for opinions (whether good or bad) on the Professor Jelinek diet for MS. So far all seems to be well with me, and I hope to give it a try for at least six months. So far, the wording in the Jelinek book is very positive and the diet has certainly calmed Jelinek’s own MS. Many thanks.



Hi Moira Just wondering how you are doing on the Jelinek diet? I was diagnosed about 2 months ago and have been pretty much going with Jelinek’s recomendations for a month or so - his reasoning seems to make sense to me and I like the fact that it comes from evidence (though not all up to the NICE guideline level). Anyway if you are watching this thread it would be great to hear how it is going. Ed

Hello Ed,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I am still on the Jelinek diet, which I follow to the letter, except perhaps me drinking far too much char. All in all I do think that the diet has given me more energy, but I have to be very careful when I take this as a real possitive, as before I was on the PJ diet, I was a very strict vegan, so perhaps the change in diet (esp. fish) gave me ‘something’ that I was lacking before hand. I can also say that I have had a relapse this year, and I had to take the devil’s pills (steroids) to treat it (despite me being on Rebif for years). This relapse seems to have settled down now, and last year I had two relapses, but this was before I had even heard of PJ. So, I really don’t know of the diet is some sort of a cure all, but it certainly doesn’t seem to do me any harm, so I will keep persevering for a few years I think. I hope that you find great results with it, as PJ is always stressing that the sooner a person starts this the better, and I have had MS for most of my life, so certainly not an ideal candidate.

Best Wishes,


Thanks Moira. I’m pretty much sticking to the diet, it seems healthy however much it helps with the MS, but starting to feel a bit harder work after a couple of months keeping off the ymummy saturated fats!. But I am feeling healthier, which is probably also due to exercising more regularly, and symptoms have pretty much gone for the time being (except when I’m exhausted) so that is good.

all the best, Ed

Hello again Ed,

I am glad to read that things are going well for you. I have had a relapse this year, but I am as chuffed as nuts to realise that these latest symptoms seem to have been shown the door. One very weird symptom I had this year was that certain words ‘shocked’ me whenever I happened to read or hear someone else recite them - very odd. I am relieved that this has now left, and my walking (such as it is) is fast getting back to normal. Could this be the effect of the Jelinek regime? We can only guess.

Best of luck with your own health.