Random Pain

Hi Everyone,

Just looking for some advise.
I get random pains like for example a stabbing pain in my chest, then like a shooting pain in the bottom of my foot.
Is this the kind of pain you get with ms ?

Thanks for any replies.

Hi ncm,

Your pains sound similar to my neuropathic pains. I get them anywhere on my body but mostly in my extremities, they are so sudden they sometimes make me shout and jump. Gabapentin reduces the intensity and frequency quite well for me, but like any drug, not everyone gets on with it.

I think you should talk to a medic, especially about the chest pain.


at the beginning of my journey i did kind of. i said to a teacher friend, jeez i am sure i have an evil genie on my chest who is randomly stabbing me lol. I can remember saying that. was it to do with the eventual MS diagnosis i have no idea, or was it the massive stress i was under at the time working over 60 hours a day and having high blood pressure…never knew.

Those are about the only pains I get. In fact, I was walking across my bedroom earlier today when I had a sudden shooting pain in my foot that made me gasp. Fortunately, mine don’t happen often. The nuisance part is that you never know when you’re going to get one. You can be chatting with friends and suddenly feel like a knife’s been thrust into your gut or standing in the checkout line when you feel a burning poker through your back.

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