Random Numbness

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else gets random numbness through out the day. I think I’m having a relapse it started 4 weeks ago. I got myself stressed and my right arm went weak . Then I got muscle fatigue that spread from my right arm to my entire body over 3 days. My arms still weak buy settling down. But the muscle fatigue is still bad. And keep getting really stiff muscles. But now starting 2 days ago random parts of my body feel like they go numb but for like 5 seconds then it mite be ok for a while then move to a different part. My legs seem to be taking a weakness hit at the minute. Just fed up now lol

hi anonymous have you been diagnosed? i’m asking because i started with numbness and it has never gone away since my diagnosis in 2008. are you having B12 jabs? a good B complex supplement can make a big difference. anyway give your ms nurse a ring. Rest, rest again, then rest some more. carole x