Rail Fares

Anyone who is unaware you may be eligible for a Railcard that gives you a third off most rail fares see http://www.disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk/



and the disabled rail assistance if you require it is fantastic. theres several numbers but i believe they are all in contact cos it doesnt matter who u get tickets from or which train company u use.


And a free bus pass!


This is the Scottish link, I guess there must be an equivilent in the rest of the UK…



You do need to be receiving 100% mobility allowance to receive a card. Yes the card is exceptionally good value for money. 1/3 discount and it costs £20 per year.

You can also get free travel on buses and a disabled person’s coach card but once again you need to supply proof of disability allowance.


I had to send proof of my DLA High Rate Mobility & a cheque for £20 in order to get the railcard, which lasts for a year.

It has more than paid for itself as it allows me and someone travelling with me to get 1/3 off each ticket.

I have also found the stations very good at providing ramps for me to alight and get off trains - I book assistance in advance of my journeys.