Rail discount card?

I started a new job at the start of the year, at the moment I drive but the office is on the local train line and I have been looking at potentially catching the train as some evenings I am exhausted and when tired I have had double vision in the past… But looking on their regulations to getting the discounted travel I would need proof of various documentation, none of which I have! Help please x


do u mean u havent got them cos ur not entitled or u just havent got round to applying for one?


With London underground they offer the Freedom card think it also works with buses.
I never bothered with it when I was working because there is a clause you cant use it at rush hour only after 9am etc.

Got the Kia Soul now so no need for one.


Get in touch with Access to Work. They’re a DWP department that help people with disabilities to work, and can provide funding if necessary. The way they help me is to pay for a taxi to & from work every day, which is a massive blessing. So they could hopefully pay for your daily commute, whether that’s by taxi or train.


Sorry - didn’t mean to go anon or offline for ages after posting! To answer the questions, currently my symptons are not serious enough to apply for any benefits… obviously I don’t want to get worse either which is why I would like the help now. The Railcard rules though are very strict and request you are receiving the higher level of DLA (PIP) - very fustrating.