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Am trying to help a friend with a disabled daughter. She is 20 and has cerebral palsy and autism. Wheelchair dependent she may be but indepependance is what she strives for. She is about to finish at a residential college fully equipped to manage in the work place and achieve almost independent living (she will need a supportive package), but there is no suitable accommodation and she is expected to return home and live with her mum. This is a massive backwards step and the chances are she will lose her independence she has fought so hard to gain. In order to get this issue debated in parliament she needs to get 100,000 signatures. Please help and sign the petition at
Thought it might strike a chord as we all know easily independence can be lost.
Oh and a problem signing via iPhone and iPad but should be resolved in the next few days

Julia x

Hi, Just to say that I used to work for a charity called Autism Sussex and they provide warden assisted flats for adults with high-functioning autism.  They set the first block up when I was there only a few years ago and it was fairly revolutionary...might be worth a phone call and they have a website.  SB x

I work for a company who will provide 24/7 care and help to find a suitable property to support her if you are interested pm me

Signed the petition, hope you get the amount of signatures required.

iPhone / ipad glitch sorted now… Please can you sign and spread the word…
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jaki  xx

Thanks for all the positive comments…
Plenty of spaces still to fill tho

I have signed the petition. I don’t know if this will help her case but it is illegal in the USA to discriminate against a disabled person asking for a loan.

Yea I know it is America and has no jurisdiction in the UK but sometimes; rarely; other Countries have more advanced Laws. It should not hurt her case to quote such.


signed...good luck with this

Thanks for all the support, last count 250 signatures so creeping slowly up! Still a long way off the 100,000 target tho.
Thanks George, although the issue is more suitable housing to rent rather than buy at this stage. Have forwarded your comments on to my friend tho anyway
Julia x