Changes by 'Dumb and Dumber to DLA.

Good afternoon folks,

Do any of you have any ideas ref to questions |Atos and Capita will ask and how they

will assess us?

I am worried ref to future.

Daresay I`ll be finding out for real soon!

luv Pollx

Thanks for posting this. I was thinking the same and was trying to find the right words to put in the post.

Be good to see the replies.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Good luck Boudica and hope matters work out. Please let us know how you got on.

Thanks. I will be letting everyone know. Boudica could well be dusting her chariot off!

luv Pollx

Questions will probably be: can you blink, right you can use a keyboard with aids, can you talk, right you can do anything in customer services, therefore fit to work, can you walk two steps, fit for fetching coffee etc. You know the questions will be fixed to get the right result, regardless of our disability. Disability is such a complex issue no test can be fullproof, however when government targets are put in place, the test are designed to reach targets and not assess for disability as such because some will be ignored to fit such criteria. Im assuming you mean DLA to PIP?

Theyre bound to be stupid questions and Ill bet nobody passes them!

Maybe Im being realistic? Can anyone enlighten us to how compassionate these test are likely to be, Scope think theyre not fit for purpose already and theyve only just started today.