Quick update with happy news (not MS)

My step-daughter got her results this week…She got a FIRST!

I’m so proud of her

This is some of her work:

Sonia x

Excellent news Sonia. Well done to her, you must all be so proud.

Cath xx

Tell her well done she has worked hard to get a first.

Beautiful work Sonia, you must be very proud of her! My eldest granddaughter is off to uni in September. Nina x

Well done Sonia’s step-daughter!!! Pat xx

Brilliant news Sonia, so pleased for both of you.

Pam x

Thank you all, I felt like I would burst when I heard and apologised if her ears were burning (I told anyone that’d listen!)

Graduation is coming up soon, I will post a picture

Sonia xx

I followed your link and had a look at your step-daughter’s work there and on her own website. Stunning photos!

Congratulations to her on her excellent results.

That’s so lovely Mitzi, thank you for takng the time to have a look.

I’ll pass on all of the lovely comments to her when I see her next week.

Sonia xx