Good news

Hi all

My eldest grandson has achieved his A level grades and is off to Manchester Uni in a months time …WOW. I am thrilled for him, but will miss him so much calling in on his way home from sixth form.

His younger brother wants to go with him…not for the studies though, because they are so close to Man United!

Hope your day is good.

Pam x



great news! Hope he and you all enjoy and learn from the new challenges that lie ahead!


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Thanks Ellie, I am sure he will have a blast.

Pam x

that`s fabulous chuck.

well done that lad!


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Good news Pam.

I’ve had a few nights out in Manchester but mostly with students from the Royal Northern (College of Music.) Great city, great people and I hate the football teams.

Best wishes, Steve

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Thanks Poll, hope all is good with you.

Pam x

Thanks Steve, I am with you about the football…although I like the opposite side of the scousers to you! Sorry x

Pam x

Smashing news Pam, my daughter is a fully fledged nurse as from today as well, how proud are we!!! xx

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Hi Tracey,

Thanks, I am thrilled for you and your daughter, lovely to read good news.

Pam x

Good news!

Sonia x

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