Quick question - How long did your Cervical Spine MRI take please?

Mine’s at 1.35 but I need to collect my son at 3pm (or arrange for someone else to do it). I’ve been trying to ring the department but it goes through to voicemail.

I had brain, cervical and thoracic done at the same time and it took about 2 hours. That was with contrast.

I’d have backup in place though just in case you get delayed but I’d say you’ll be back in time.

Hi hon, better to arrange for someone to pick him up. I seem to remember it was about 45 mins (but that might have been spine and brain together).

Anyway there’s no knowing if you’ll go in to scanner on time or how long it might take. Sometimes they have to do it again if they don’t get a good clear image.

Definitely get someone to pick him up if poss so you won’t be stressing on it.

Pat x

Oh, thank you - well I’ve already had the brain done (only took 20 mins - not sure if that’s telling me something!).

I think I had better organise something just in case.