Question for any beauty therapist

I’m probably going to have a lash and brow tint for my holiday at the end of this month. I’ve had it done once before. I was happy with it and it’s the cheap option but it did sting a bit.

I do trust the clinic, they have a great reputation and I have used them for other treatments. Just want to know if it’s normal to have a bit of stinging please?


Hi Blossom

In answer to your question, no its not normal to experience stinging. I have been a beauty therapist for 8 years and I having carried out hundreds of tinting treatment I can count of one hand the number of times someone has suffered any stinging. It may be that the clinic is diluting the tint to much so it is seeping into your eye or you have slightly watery eyes. Try drying your eye with a tissue before the treatment this may help.

Hope you get the result you want. Good luck


I do have problems with dry eyes now Sue but at the time, it’s possible they may have been watering. I can’t honestly recall but I do remember my eyes being cleaned first.

Thank you. Now that you have give me this info, I will let the therapist know I did have some slight stinging.

Thank you for answering my question, much appreciated


This site is great isn’t it…a mix of so many resourceful and clever people to ask for help and advice