My Eyeballs

Hi there. Dont know if anyone can advise or not. I have had a problem with my eyes on and off now for about 6 weeks. It comes and goes. My right eye feels as though I have soap in it. It’s really sore. It’s not pussy or watery really. I have been to the doctor and he has given me eye drops but says it’s not conjunctivitis. I have had hayfever for as long as I can remember and it doesnt feel like that either. Have never suffered with Optic Neuritis but have read about the symptoms. I have no visual disturbances or colour problems apart from my right eye being slightly more blurry. I do seem to have a sensitivity to bright light and there are no other symptoms. I had steroids in March but this has started since then and I have never had it before. Any ideas?? Thanks xx


Sorry to hear your problem. Have they checked you for ON? I find it feels like I have an eyelash stuck in my eye when I get ON but it is normally followed by visual disturbance and colour (red goes greyish). If you’re concerned do get seen by an eye specialist as it might be something like ON and it’s your eyes-they are so important. Also bright light sensitivity might have something to do with ON, as your pupils don’t dilate at the correct time with ON, because the optic nerve is slowed therefore more light enters your eye when it shouldn’t.

I don’t know but might be worth getting them properly checked, hope it doesn’t get worse.

Good luck and hope you get more replies,


I suffer with the left eye with pain,I get blurred vision and disturbances like floaters in my eyes.My eyes are irriated by many things and sun light I cannot go out if its bright I now suffer from Photosensitivity,I feel my eyes burning and irriating when I go out without very dark shades on.