One of my eyes the sight is not like the other. I see things not as clear as other eye, a bit blurry. i have had it before it was there for a few weeks last time. It only seems to bother me in shower or bath heat makes it worse and also when trying to do something like tidying for a few mins starts it off again. When i cover eye that is not affected with my hand and look out of affected eye its bright when looking at things and reading. Its like beimg out in sun and seeing everything bright it makes your eyes go funny. that is kind of what this eye is like. I mentioned it to MS Nurse last time i had it she thinks it might be symptomatic. Im just wondering if anyone has this brightness in their eye and blurryness? how do you deal with it?

Maybe try your gp, or opticians first and see if they can see what’s going on. If the optician finds something he would refer you to the necessary consultant for further tests. Or speak to your Neuro directly.

Hope you get it sorted quickly.

Take care.


Hey…definately book into your optitions…if there is something that needs to be looked at more they can refer you to see an opthalmic dr…directly or via gp…am no expert and it could be a number of things.On is often made wirse temp0orarily by heat and I have On at present…and def worse if I get hot or in a hot environment…blurred vision could also be On or something else…in any case you should get this checked out soon. In the meantime try and rest your eyes as much as possible…avoid hot shower or doing too much about the house…take things steady…if your eyes are stinging or feel gritty then they could be dry but get this checked also.


As the others have said GP or opticians is a must as it could be many things.If like me you have a local eye hospital with an A&E dept I would go there instead. Dont know if you have a ms dx but even if only possible make sure they know.

All the best