Do i see my GP. Chinny.

Hello everyone i hope to find you all well. Some advice needed if you don’t mind… 1/ Optic neuritis.(I have a dx of this) have had mild pain over the past few weeks until the sun shone very bright and the heat turned right up.THEN…very painful pain, very blurred, a feeling of crystals under my right eyelid causing tears to run down my cheeks constantly and walk around with my eye closed. 2/ walking slower than a snail…getting even slower as the heat wave continued. Pain in my legs, toes,feet and hips as well as lower back. 3/ Sensory…A tickle feeling like a nightmare and wanting to shout at the kids for putting me through such agony…usually have sensory problems but again this seemed to be exacerbated by the heat. NB. have not got a DX. Thanks for your time xx

Hi, Yes I think you should you see your GP,you need your eye examined at least. It could be the heat,but either way it’s best to get it checked out. Take care,hope you feel better soon,xxjo

I agree - definitely see your GP (and get those eyes checked). Karen x

Please make that appointment with your GP. Clarexxx