??optic neuritis- what to do?

hi guys,

I’ve been getting sharp pains in my eyes off and on for a few days, but today its been most of the day. it feels like someone is stabbing me with sewing needles plus burning. I’m still awaiting more tests to confirm my dx (1 suspicious ms mri plus 2 seperate attacks) im already on drugs for spasticity and vertigo plus vit d, these are causing me drowsiness and sleep apnea so I’m worried about more drugs. do i go GPs or optitions? plus how likely is it my vision is going to be impaired?? freaking!!

thanks Kel x

I would contact the GP about your suspicions (I agree it’s not unlikely) and ask for guidance.

I’m not sure there’s much they can do, apart from offer you steroids, which work for some people, not as well for others.

Most people do recover from bouts of ON, although there may be some lasting impairment - as with all relapses, really. There’s usually a recovery, but not always 100%.

Get it checked, as one of the important things will be to make sure it really is the (suspected) MS, and not something unrelated.

I’ve never had steroids, but I’ve never heard anyone complain they make you drowsy - quite the opposite! You’re more likely to feel a bit wired.



Hi Tina,

Thank s for the reply. I was given a sick note for 2 months and only went back today half a day after only 2 weeks off, as im so bored and baclofen is ACE, just hoping its not going to progress I want to be at work, helping patients NOT being one!

will call now … x

hi i had ON in 2008 firstly go to gp immiediatley dont hang around i lost most of my sight in my right eye in 4 days flat !! i am now left with a dark coloured patch in the centre of my vision in that eye that looks like macular degeneration damage …and thats forever !! i put off seeing docs for months so the moral is go straight to docs get it checked out :slight_smile: hindsight is a wonderful thing lol excuse the pun i couldnt resist hee hee


Im sorry to hear that. I have to say I think vision loss is the one thing im most scarred of. Walking problems are very frustrating but at least i can manage to look after my babies. I tried the docs but forgot they were shut. They are painful to move now and feel bruised? feeling very sorry for my self. If i had a dx at least Id know exactly what im dealing with and can start to fight back.

How are you. coping now? Have you adjusted? Im sure it must be difficult to say the least. Hope you are well.




I had optic neuritis last year which lead to a diagnosis of MS. I had it in one eye and it started with blurred vision which eventually decreased to almost total vision loss in that eye, couldn’t see light or colour and a sharp pain when I moved my eye. I was referred to the hospital by my GP and had steroid treatment which improved my sight with almost immediate effect. Oral steriods are no good for ON. It has to be IV steroids. In fact, studies show that oral steroids can cause an increase in the recurrence of ON.

Not having steroids at all with make the recovery a longer process but won’t cause more damage. After 12 months those who had steroids and those who didn’t tend to have had the same recovery. It just is quicker with steroids.

I’m having another ON relapse at the moment and no steroids this time. I’ve had it for almost 3 months. It’s not as severe as the last time. Things look a bit watery and colours are washed out but I have no pain so I’m not pressing for steroids this time around.

But as you’ve not been diagnosed with MS and you’re not sure if it is Optic Neuritis, I’d get to an optician or GP as soon as possible. ON isn’t an emergency as such but plenty of other conditions associated with your eyes can be and it’s not worth taking the risk of assuming that it is optic neuritis.

I agree 100% with meme: ON isn’t an emergency, but some eye conditions are so you need to see someone asap. If your GP is shut, try the optician.

Karen x

Hi everyone I posted this morning but nothing has appeared as a new thread . Can I just ask with ON do you get headaches? Important having an awful day all my symptoms have flared up having trouble walking and awful headache at front of forehead some head numbness again and finding it hard on my eyes when i try and concentrate on some thing blurry and bit watery effect. Best wishes to all

Hi, I had in ON in 2010 and others have given you good info and advice so I won’t tell my story… I’m pretty sure head aches are on the list of symptoms but could be a sign of something else. Perhaps something that is an emergency.

Opticians, while not dealing with ON, generally are aware of it and can refer you to an opthalmologist. I’d get checed out to make sure that it isn’t an emergency.

Best wishes


I’m wondering if it’s actually the headache that’s causing the problem: migraine can cause visual problems and neurological symptoms. Maybe see your GP?

Karen x

Hiya Karen Thanks for the reply had bad day yesterday could not walk very far at all and right leg dragging numbness pain all down left side again. I had really bad flare up and lately when i get it really bad I seem to have everything go off the scale. I have had issues with large pupils etc so was just wandering if ON can be brought on by a flare up too ? Today my head isn’t as heavy but eyes still sensitive. Symptoms seem to have defaulted back to all on left side again. Sorry not meaning to hijack the posting just really interested in ON symptoms and how most people experience it may help me Best wishes to all x I am undiagnosed