Eye hurts is this ON -

Hi Ive been on here a couple of times but I am a newbie dx May - I am worried that Im at the start of a relapse -past brief history started with ON Dec 2011 mainly in left eye - just blurred vision which got worse more tired I became anyway that has kinda cleared up still have problems when I get tired - left with dodgy legs & spasms had IV steroids few weeks ago - took a while to kick in but began to feel better - but last few days my right eye has been “hurting” but vision seems ok - could this be ON (I dont remember my eye hurting last time just felt like I had cling film over it)

I am scared im having a relapse so soon after the steroids & it is in diff eye - I start taking Avonex but not till August after my hols didnt want poss side effects to ruin my hols - at the min I kinda know what to expect - but now not sure Ive made the right decision - not altogether sure I do know what to expect !

Can anyone offer me some advice. Any one elses eyes “hurt”



I had optic neuritus at Christmas and it did start with pain in my eye. My vision went blurry and then I had dreadful pain over the top of my head. Pleased to say that it is nearly all back to normal.

Hope things improve for you.


hey Hun…I would go and see your gp if you are concerned or eye dr if you are still under them? best get it checked out. I have had on too in left eye with moderate sight loss still getting over that after several months. Either way they need to dilate your pupils and havea look at the optic nerve although it’s not always visable at the front part that they can see…peace of mind I guess especially if you have had it in the other eye. I think oON can present differently but there will always be abnormal pupil reaction aside any other symptoms such as pain, sight loss or colour vision loss/ fading. x

Hi Karen. I have ON and have had it for 14 weeks now :frowning: both eyes are affected which is pretty rubbish! Mine started with pain in my eye, like a sharp stabbing pain and it felt like the back of my eye was being stretched then pinged, bit like a piece of elastic. Was quite painful and certainly stopped me in my tracks. Then five days later I woke up with a third of my vision in my right eye missing. I think you need to see an optholmologist as soon as possible. Hoping you feel better soon xx

Thanks very much for your advice - I will try & get to see my dr ASAP & you say for peace of mind if nothing else. I suppose I will know then either way rather than sit & worry.