Didn,t know a relapse worked this way

Hi All after finding out on Monday I was having a relapse from talking to my nurse and then on Tuesday my eye started to really hurt during the day and then in the evening I had a stabbing pain which lasted for a few seconds. My nurse rang me back today and she said I have optic nuritis too. I asked did I do something wrong for this to appear after my initial symptons, she stated on Monday the relapse was just starting and then by Tuesday I was in full blown relapse mode. She offered me steriods which I have declined as within myself I am feeling happier and I did not want the nasty side effects which will come with the steriods. My symptons have not dissappeared but apart from my eye, things have stayed the same. x

Yep, the blinking things always manage to surprise me too! sounds sooooooooo familiar. hope you feel better soon. x

Hi relapses do seem to suddenly attack. I have found steroids do work to kick start some of the really bad things to go in the right direction. I have only had them via IV, yeah I couldn’t sleep and horrible taste in my mouth I didn’t have any. Other side effects maybe I’m lucky but it was well worth the side effects I did have. It is always your choice on what you decide to have, I just wanted you to know my experience. Sending you hugs Barney